Do You Have A House Guest Coming That Is Diabetic? Tips To Help You Out

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When you are planning to host a house guest in your home, you want to be sure that they are as happy as possible while they are staying with you. However, if that person also happens to suffer from diabetes, you might not know what steps you should take to ensure that they are healthy and safe while they are in your home. There are several different steps that you can take to help your guest settle into their stay in your home. Get to know some of these steps so you can get started making your preparations as soon as possible. 

Provide Them with a Receptacle for Their Test Strips and More

One of the many issues that your guest with diabetes may have while staying in your house is the need to test their blood sugar regularly. Doing so requires needles and test strips and many people with diabetes need to perform such tests several times a day. 

To make your guest more comfortable in your home, you will want to give them a proper receptacle in which they can dispose of their lancets (needles), test strips, and insulin needles if they need them. The proper disposal of such items is in a secure sharps container. By putting a sharps container in their room or in the bathroom they will be using, you will be helping them not feel awkward about what to do with their diabetes treatment and management supplies. 

Make Sure You Have Sugar-Free Alternatives to Any Products You Plan to Cook With

If you are cooking for your guest, which is usually the case when you have someone staying with you, you will need to be sure that you have alternatives to your normal sugar-containing meals and ingredients. For example, if you want to make a pancake breakfast one morning, be sure you have sugar-free syrup for your guest. 

When you make baked goods, use a sugar alternative product. There are several sweetener products made to work exactly like natural sugar in baking. Otherwise, using applesauce or other similar natural ingredients can significantly lower the sugar content of the food you make. 

Plan Regular Balanced and Healthy Meals

People with diabetes need to keep their blood sugar levels managed throughout the day and a major part of that is eating healthy and balanced meals on a regular schedule. You do not want to plan activities with your house guest that would force them to miss meals or delay their eating times for prolonged periods of time. Try to steer clear of activities that will interfere with a normal dining schedule. 

And when you cook the meals, make sure there is a good balance of protein, vegetables, and minimal carbohydrates and sugars. While you do not want to control your guest's diet completely, you do want to make it so they have healthy options made readily available to them. 

With these tips in mind, you can be sure your house guest with diabetes is as happy and safe as possible in your home for the duration of their stay. 

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